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  • Date: June 27, 2019
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The most rated TV series of the century did not go beyond the Square One cafe. Game of Thrones is one of the rarest TV series, which made the most enthusiastic fans all around the world, and Armenia was surely part of it.

Our team has decided to organize a movie screening and watch   the last episode of the Game of Thrones series with our customers in real GOT environment, with a large screen and the most delicious menu. It was a perfect decision to dedicate a day to GOT and its loyal fans.

Before the movie screening we have conducted Quiz in order to find out which of our customers is the most informed and the die-hard fan. Quiz included the most complex questions from all seasons, and only true GOT fans could answer all the questions correctly.

We played ‘Joffrey’s Assassination’ darts game, which was really fun, and during the game the participants had to strike the most negative hero of the series.

The movie fans will understand how much fun the game has been and perhaps all the true GOT fans would want to take revenge on Joffrey. And our special offer for that day was Arya’s Freya Pie.

Like during all the games and competitions, this time also, Square One has prepared gifts for the winners. Our lucky customers were expected to receive 5,000 drams gift cards.

That day our cafe was stormier than usual because the toughest GOT fans have been gathered in one place. It was impossible to be in that environment and not to feel the whole excitement that our customers felt.

Square One is always ready to share the most important events with you, to organize a good time, provide delicious menu and special approach. What else is needed? Visit Abovyan 1/3 and enjoy your day at Square One.

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