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About us

In 2oo4 Square One was the first of its kind to set in motion the American tasty food culture in Armenia. It immediately became the society’s favorite place for eating and having nice time and sure, keeps in that way.

SQUARE ONE’s slogan is A Taste of Fun, which means that for a lot of people Square One is not only a place for eating but also is a nice environment for communication.

To get to Square One from The Republic Square you need a two minutes walk up the Abovyan Street. And of course, before leaving for abroad once again, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Square One’s tasty food from Zvartnots airport branch.

Our History

Everything started when 2 friends decided to implement their experience in F&B sector and opened Square One in 2004, right in the heart of Yerevan. At that time the market was not formed yet and there were a lot of difficulties. There was no prouction and even napkins, uniform, printing materiels were being imported from abroad.

The name is due to its address, located in Republic Square, also it means first step. Approach to the customer service also was a fist step for Armenia. It was tottally new culture to hire young waiters, who would wear jeans, shirt ant a cap, who would smile , speak English and just be friendly.

The menu includes items that has been there since day one, and as they are very popluar among customers, we are sure will keep them.

Later Square one started to operate in Zvartnots International Airport, after Duty free. Our slogan is ,, The Taste of Fun”, which means, that for many people Square One is not only a place to eat, but also a place to meet with friends and have fun.